(GYM) training is specifically designed for hockey; the skating movement is produced on horizontal plane and gliding movement patterns are not often used in other sports or life. Our training reflects this fact. In hockey we recognize in principal:

  • Starts are based on athletic abilities so power and frequency is one of the important focuses.
  • The striding and other skating skills are very technical requiring great balance, stability, single leg strength and coordination.

HPC’s 30 years of experience allowed us to create “secret recipes” for speeding up advancement specifically for hockey and specific to your needs/age.

  • Athletic ability – allow you skate faster have more powerful starts, be more resilient to injuries and body contact.
  • Possess more balance, react faster, be in control and be efficient.
  • Feel always full of energy, recover faster & perform to your potential with smart decisions





June 24, 2017

Midget Camps Added This Summer

Two midget camps have been added this summer. Information is available on the Summer Camps page.

2411 Mount Seymour Parkway
North Vancouver, BC
V7H 2Y9

Phone: Information and Bookings

(604) 988-6769