The programs are available in various packages. To create a “new skill” we highly recommend minimum 15 sessions focusing on specific goal & completed in 3-6 weeks. The “training recipes” are based on “Benicky System ©” and are programmed for optimal muscle memory retention and skill acquisition.

Feel free to set a free consultation to discuss & select the best suited program for you!

Program specifics:

  1. Soft Hands & Puck Control
    Successful hockey players are “artists with the puck”, ability to receive puck on backhand as well as forehand, maintaining puck possession under pressure and continuously learning new moves & deeks are qualities of great hockey players. You will get: a, understanding and selecting of the stick design, lie, stiffness, top knob, length, proper grip & hands placement b, movement patterns that will determine your level of puck control and ultimately play growth. Note: this is a “MUST program” for soft hands; it is a prerequisite for shooting.
  2. Shooting
    Your scoring is based on your ability to shoot! Key components include increased confidence, shot improvement and shot selection understanding. What you will get: a, target selection and aiming b, power and accuracy measured c, quick release and power d, understand and execute techniques of: wrist, snap, slap, one timer and backhand shot.
  3. Long and Efficient Stride
    Do you want to reach higher speeds? Would you like to have more energy at the end of the game? Then this program is for you. a, You will have more energy in 3 periods b, you will reach higher top speed c, it will decrease your skating injuries (groin injuries).
  4. Speed Agility Quickness “first 3 steps”
    To dominate in the game you need the SPEED. This program will improve: a, frequency speed (key for starts) b, directional changes and reactionary speed. 
  5. Hockey Strength & Power for body contact and injuries prevention
    Do you want to be strong on the puck? In the corners or in front of the net? Simply become great athlete. This is a must for all players to compete at rep hockey & especially to be increase chances for selection camps! Phases:
    • Healthy & Resilient Athlete
      Postural, AA, Movement fundamentals, coordination
    • Strength for speed and coordination
      Reaction speed, frequency speed and Hypertrophy
    • Integration to Power, Speed, Agility and Quickness
      “the must hockey functional training”
  6. Special Offers (consultations, assessments, injuries, draft preparation, etc.)
    To succeed is to make “right hockey decisions” we have 30 years of experience and we have helped develop athletes winning Olympic gold, Stanley Cups, world championships, MVP from minor hockey, junior and NHL. Simply the quality of the information will help you make right decisions.
  7. Teams & Camps – Spring & Summer only
    Our camps are designed to accelerate your progress and prepare you for upcoming season. To succeed in tryouts you need to be ready, and our camp get you prepared.
June 24, 2017

Midget Camps Added This Summer

Two midget camps have been added this summer. Information is available on the Summer Camps page.

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