In season training

Explosive skating and puck skills are game deciding qualities!

"In Season Training 2017 & 2018" will complement your hockey season.

Skatemill - Improve skating stride & starting power & puck handling skills.

Gym - Increase your athleticism by raising your reaction quickness and frequency speed, raise balance and proprioception and functional hockey strength.


In Season Training Program

Group Size

Four people


Mondays 5pm-7pm or Thursdays 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Price Fall 2017

$414 + GST

Fall Dates

October 16th - December 11th 2017

Price Winter 2018

$414 + GST

Winter Dates

January 8th - February 26th 2018


(Pre and Post)

June 24, 2017

Midget Camps Added This Summer

Two midget camps have been added this summer. Information is available on the Summer Camps page.

2411 Mount Seymour Parkway
North Vancouver, BC
V7H 2Y9

Phone: Information and Bookings

(604) 988-6769