HPC Spring Program 2017 for Bantam, Midget and Junior

We at HPC understand the importance of consistent, year round training. To ensure your continuous growth; spring is the most critical period to secure your development.

Benicky has created an integrated training system for accelerated performance growth. This system is based on psychophysical training; it is a synergetic application of sport psychology, functional conditioning leading into skill development. We have been using various environments with multi-sensory stimulus to create accelerated performance results.

This professional program requires your full commitment “be the best you can be”. Our aim is not only to develop high quality hockey players but also high quality people. We strive to build strong character, confidence and self-esteem in all participants. We teach our athletes that discipline; focus and passion are necessary qualities to achieve success not only in hockey but also in life.

These intense spring program runs in small groups where each player has the maximum opportunity to flourish, as did in the past: Alexander Kerfoot, Griffin Reinhart or Seth Jones…

Junior - Midget Camp: 3 - 5 times per week (Mo to Fr or Mo, We, Fr)
Bantam Camp: 2 - 4 times per week (Tu, Th or Mo, Tu, Th, Fr)

“Building athlete” April 3rd – June 29th, 2017 (Total 13 weeks) – 3 Phases

  1. Healthy & Resilient Athlete - Ready for Accelerated Learning (4 weeks)
    April 3rd – April 28th
    Postural, AA, Movement Fundamentals, Coordination
  2. Strength for Speed and Coordination (6 weeks)
    May 1st - June 9th 
    Hypertrophy, Range of Movement and Regeneration Techniques
  3. Integration to Power, Speed, Agility and Quickness (3 weeks)
    June 12th – June 29th
    Hockey Functional Power Training = product is Explosive Skating



97 training hours



78 training hours



58 training hours

$ 986


39 training hours

$ 702


Our new online registration system is now open for Spring Program 2017.  Please register through the following link: 

HPC Spring Program 2017

To get the discount enter promo coupon "HPC15"

June 24, 2017

Midget Camps Added This Summer

Two midget camps have been added this summer. Information is available on the Summer Camps page.

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