The Hockey Performance Centre was an originiator of skatemill training and we continue to consult with and train other facilities in the use of skatemill training.

We have a background in excerise physiology and are innovators in off-ice training for hockey players.

The Hockey Performance Centre's coaches take pride in helping players improve - from people just starting to skate to Stanley Cup Champions.

Training Modalities


The skatemill will find your skating deficiencies quickly. You will efficiently improve your skating stride. As you progress, skating will become automatic and you will focus on higher level aspects of the game.


The gym is essential in this day in age to support your performance on the ice. It is not enough to just spend time in the gym. Coaching with an eye to hockey specific needs and the proper kind of training based on where you are in the season will put you ahead of the rest.


We run a variety of programs on-ice. Contact us to find out more.

We run a variety of on-going and seasonal programs. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you improve as a player.



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